Cyber Bullying

With more and more people having access to the Internet worldwide, a new phenomenon rises – cyber bullying. Cyber bullying represents a form of online intimidation performed against another human being. In most of the cases bullies go under fake names or aliases in order to conceil their identity, which gives them a certain sense of power. A cyber bully is a person who uses any type of digital devices to humiliate, offend, harass, threaten and even abuse another person. Unfortunately, a recent study shows that as much as 7 out of 10 American youngsters suffer from one form of cyber bullying or another until the age of 18. Most of the aggressors are close persons or in the same circle as the victim, which is even more worrying.

But how does one overcome a cyber bully? Read below to find the most important ways to ensure you or your child does not suffer from cyber bullying or, even worse, does not become a cyber bully himself.

Cyber Bullying

Take care of your private identity online

If you are active in the social media field, make sure one of your parents or legal guardians knows your password, for safety reasons only. Change your password constantly and do not show it to anyone else.

Be careful what you post and try to keep your online identity as private as possible. Do not share your photos with the entire public and use the security filters provided by any social media platform.

Do not respond to threats, attacks or calling outs

The first thing you can do to make sure you will not fall into the bully’s trap and will not become a bully yourself is to abstain from responding or retaliating to the attacks. Saying something nasty or, if you know the bully, respond with the same measures or even divulging secrets from your bully’s personal life will only help degenerate things quickly. As unfair and hard it may seem, find the strength in yourself to not respond to the attacks and simply let them by unnoticed.


Screenshot any form of abuse or cyber bullying you think it is used against you. This way, if things degenerate you can easily show them as evidence and help catch the bully. Keep a record of your private conversations that might be threatening to you in your computer.

Block and report

The easiest way to avoid or get rid of bullies is to simply block them from all your social media platforms or email addresses. Report the accounts that have been used to bully you and simply block any unwanted messages. Also, avoid responding to friend requests from people you do not know personally.

Talk about it

Although it may seem difficult, one of the easiest ways to overcome any type of bullying, including cyber bullying is to simply talk about it. If you are not comfortable talking it with your parents or legal guardians, talk with your older siblings, close friends or the school’s counselor. Remember that you are not alone and the person(s) who are bullying you can be held responsible for their actions, especially if you have evidence or records of their acts.