Maintaining Positive Online Reputation

You have worked hard to create a personal brand and a list of contacts and possible collaborators. You are finally on the right track to success and your brand and personal image grows by the day. However, online reputation is like a walk on thin ice, always having to worry about the actions or types of behavior that might be endangering to your brand. Building a positive online reputation may be easier than maintaining it on the long term. You will have to invest a lot of time and energy in your online reputation if you want your merits to be acknowledged and your brand to prosper. Here are some tips to help you keep your positive online reputation on the long run and help you become more popular and desired by contractors:

Avoid compromising situations, photos or messages

Building a positive online reputation is similar to politicians who want to build their images. It only takes a minor scandal for your reputation to be forever stained and lose the interest of possible financers and contractors. Thus, the easiest way to avoid compromising situations is to not create them in the first place. Keep a clean record of everything you post on social media platforms and avoid being associated with shady persons, situations or locations.

Do not get drunk at parties or in public places where people may see you and take advantage of you. Avoid showing how much of a party animal you are on the social media. Also, avoid getting into Internet feuds or online wars. In other words, try to live a decent life and respect yourself.

Online Reputation

Make good use of grammar whenever you post something

If you want people to take you seriously, you must first present yourself as a serious and professional person. And it all starts with the way you write. Whether you are writing on your wall, tweet or submit new entries on your blog or personal page, communication is extremely important. Make good use of grammar and proofread all your articles or posts before submitting them. This not only shows respect to your readers, but also that you strive to always post good, clean and relevant content. Constant grammatical errors, as well as the use of an inadequate language whenever not necessary will be considered annoying in most cases.

Engage with influencers

What better way to increase your online popularity if not by “hanging out” (even virtually) with people who are more popular and relevant in the online than you are? However, avoid associating your name and personal brand with shady or untrustworthy persons, no matter how popular they are.

Try striving on your own feet and attend meetings, conferences and other social events where you can rest assure you will find enchanting influencers, and not some second-hand divas craving for likes and online approval. Re-tweet or re-post the content from other influencers that you consider relevant or worth sharing or even engage into online civilized conversations with your preferred influencers. This way, they will also want to meet you in real life.